Proud Moments DSP – Passing Out Parade- 82 Batch Photo Gallery


Today we attended the golden opportunity to attend the passing out parade of Deputy Superintendent of Police at police academy Moradabad, which is the oldest police academy of Up, its around 116 years old. Here are the photographs of the moments which were captured by us. Our heartiest congratulation to all passing out gems. You […]

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What is Pruney Finger?


Friends when you spent more than half an hour in water while bathing or swimming, you notice that skin of your finger tips or toes get wrinkled. Have you ever thought what’s the reason behind it? Reason lies in your palm. Your palm does not have hairs, so no sebum is produced, so water can […]

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CSF protein level-A predictor of optic atrophy in tubercular meningoencephalitis


  CSF protein level – A predictor of optic atrophy in tubercular meningoencephalitis (TBM) in paediatric age group Download This Article In PDF Format Here This Article is published with permission from RAJENDRA KUMAR BUNDELA*, SARAN KUMAR SATSANGI**, LUXMI SINGH***, PRADYUMN SINGH****, BISHAN B LAL**,KAMAL N MISHRA***** *Assistant Professor, Department of Ophthalmology, **Professor & Head, […]

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Tv Anchoring Workshop Aaj Tak


Well friends recently we got a golden opportunity to attend the Tv anchoring workshop at aaj tak above are the photographs of the session which you can download it. Agenda was divided into 8 points including studio tour, TV presenting basics, making showreel etc. During studio tour we visited every section of studio  and told […]

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Billions Of Black Heads- Small Film


This is a black head 18 minutes film, watch out millions of black heads on forehead, biggest black heads on eyelids being extracted out. You need to have a container, water, burner, towels, soap, isopropyl alcohol, comedone extractor, gloves and a guy with blackheads on face. Boil the water in container, this will convert the […]

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Pus Discharge Per Urethra


Pus From Penis – click here to download & watch video on pus from urethra. Here you can see pus oozing out of male genital organ, along with this patient has symptoms of pain & burning sensation during passing urine, there are many causes of this condition most important includes STD caused by either clamydia, or […]

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What Is Vulvitis?


you can see some kind of discharge, signs of inflammation, foul smelling of fermentation here you can see vestibule of vagina, labia majora & minora & clitoris all are inflamed. Such kind of inflammation can be due to either infection of trichomonas, candida infection, bacterial or herpes infection or even change in ph of skin. […]

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Pustules On Glans Or Syphilis


well friends here we are going to show you 2 photographs of pustules in one pustules are present over glans and in another they are present over corona of glans, you people may think it to be syphilis but in primary syphilis first of all a papule develops in which central necrosis takes place leading […]

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How To Increase Concentration And Crack PMT ?


On request of our reader Shruti Gupta we uploaded video on how to increase concentration so that you can have a sharp – strong memory. This video has been shot during night with mobile light so you will be able to see face only. Here we have tried to explain how you can increase your […]

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Management Of Eye Injury


Eye injury can be physical or chemical here I have shown a physical injury where you can see lacerated wound and a corneal ulcer in 2nd case. You can also see bluish discoloration of upper eyelid. Eye injury or trauma can be of penetrating type, non penetrating type, blow out fractures or orbital fractures. Emergencies […]

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Difference Between Preterm And Term Baby


Here we have tried to explain you the differences present in preterm and term babies in form of video starting from head we go down 1. hairs- woolly and fuzzy present in preterm baby but silky and black in term baby. 2. Ears- lack of cartilage present in preterm, so recoil very poor, ear is […]

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Medical Effects Of Nail Biting


Nail biting is actually an impulse control disorder, can cause multiple medical conditions, when you eat nail or skin near nail, you remove the natural barrier of protection “skin”, so viruses, bacteria, fungi etc enter there smartly and cause you many diseases. Nail biting also injures your teeth. Those persons who have habit of eating […]

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Basic Suturing Techniques


You can learn all suturing techniques by watching video tutorial below in this article, which includes basic sutures, mattress sutures, continuous sutures, intermittent sutures, tension sutures etc. You can practice the suturing techniques at your home by using suturing kits, or you can try on some sliced pieces of pork, or leg of pork from butcher’s shop. You must […]

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Cost Of Radiotherapy In India


Friends today one of my distant relative was diagnosed of cervical cancer with metastasis, so gynecologist recommended radiotherapy to  her so I got to know the cost of radiotherapy in India which I am updating here, the cost may vary from institution to institution, like in AIIMS it is very cheap, You can see list […]

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How To Treat Menstrual Cramps?


Painful cramps during menstruation can be due to without any pathology are called primary dysmenorrhoea and when associated with certain pathology are called secondary dysmenorrhoea. It is most common in teenagers. They are most severe during first day of menstruation and reduces as day passes. When this pain is felt few days before the start […]

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Dandruff On Eyelashes Treatment


Blepharitis is actually inflammation of eyelids, which can be due to staphylococcal infection, seborrheic blepharitis, ulcerative or meibomian. Patient usually complains of gritting sensation, crusts, redness, irritation, swelling etc. It is of 2 types, anterior or posterior, you can see crusts over eyelashes, even loss of eyelashes condition is known as madarosis. Ultimately leading to […]

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Chyluria- Testing & Treatment


We have shown you how to test the chyluria, if patient has brought you white coloured urine sample, which may be chyle in urine. Chyluria is actually a white coloured urine, which may be due to taking fatty diet, or may indicate filariasis. To test you must mix equal amount of ether and urine sample, […]

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Incontinence Dermatitis Treatment


When urine comes in contact with skin, urine increases the coefficient of friction of skin, which makes it to be more susceptible to clothes rubbing. When fecal incontinence is there, condition becomes even more worse, bacteria in feces convert urea of urine into ammonia, due to ammonia, pH of skin increases, so enzymes which are […]

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Back Pressure Effects Of BPH


BPH is known as benign prostatic hyperplasia, where the prostate gland enlarges, when median lobe enlarges, it compresses urethra first, leading to increased frequency, urgency and hesitancy of urine. Slowly slowly changes are seen in other structures, first of all muscular wall of bladder undergoes hypertrophy so as to push urine outside of body, when […]

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Management Of Typhoid Fever


Watch out video below explaining all facts related to typhoid fever, its prevention, treatment, vaccines, signs & symptoms, differential diagnosis. It is caused by Salmonella Typhi or Salmonella Paratyphi bacteria, mode of transmission is faecoral route by consuming infected food and water. Differential diagnosis is malaria, dengue, viral fever, respiratory tract infection, kala azar, dysentry, […]

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Malaria Diagnostic Kits To Test At Home


Rapid diagnostic Kit for malaria are available in India, by using them you can rapidly test for plasmodium vivax, plasmodium falciparum and mixed infection, you can get results with in 20 minutes, procedure is very simple only one drop of blood is required which is put in section “s” of the kit, in section “a” […]

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Difference Between Type 1 And Type 2 Diabetes


watch out the animated video of diabetes explaining diabetes in very excellent fashion below on youtube, you will not forget or never get confused between them

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Cystoscopy Indications


Indications of Cystoscopy If patient comes with complain of blood in urine i.e hematuria If you suspect any tumor or growth in bladder. If patient is having recurrent urinary tract infection. Over active bladder or incontinence of urine or anuria that means either when patient is having frequent urge to urinate or patient is unable […]

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How To Remove DJ Stent?


There is a video tutorial for you on how to remove a DJ Stent in your patient. This patient on which we were working was positive for hepatitis C, so extra precautions were taken since hepatitis C spreads by blood to blood contact. Let me first tell you indications for Double J stenting in urology […]

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How To Lose Your Weight?


If you are reading this article that means you are somewhat overweight and want to reduce your weight, you are at right place since we will help you to reduce your weight from here only and free of cost. Are you ready? yes then you need to know some of basics of your body without […]

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Micturating Cystourethrogram Procedure


1.Ask the patient to lie in supine position slightly titled and legs position as shown in the video. 2.Clean genital with butadiene 3.Catheterize the patient with infant feeding tube 4.Dilute Dye Dia tri zoic acid to 50% with Normal Saline and push into bladder via feeding tube. 5.Ask the patient to inform you when he […]

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