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1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Due to excessive movements at wrist joint and use of fingers while typing on keyboard can lead to inflammatory changes compressing median nerve at wrist causing severe pain mostly in midnight is known as carpal tunnel syndrome. Also read how to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome ?

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2. Sleep Paralysis: seen in those people who are addicted to internet, keep on waking all through night, so their sleep cycle disturbs or have irregular sleeping schedule. During normal sleep paralysis of all body muscles (except heart and Intestines) takes place,Such people wakes from REM state of sleep (rapid eye movement),but the body paralysis persists. This leaves the person fully concious but unable to move body, it happens from few seconds to minutes, which may be accompanied by hallucinations (not always), so some consider it to be a ghostly encounter, its very horrible when you want to raise your hand or want to call someone but you are not able to do so.

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3. Depression: Chronic internet users, remains online most of time, so have less friends or less interaction with society, slowly people also cut from them as they do not give time ultimately leaving them alone, and ultimately depression occurs.Some of people also found to be suffering from psychosis, anxiety. Read complete information on depression.

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4. Glaucome: it is an eye disease mostly seen in myopics (shortsightedness), glaucoma mayprecipitate in heavy internet users, mostly in night users who work in dark rooms.

5. Dry Eye: Staring at screen constantly makes the person blink less, some times blinking falls below 25% leading to corneal and conjuctiva dryness cause keratoconjuctivits sicca.

6. Asthenopia: it is also an eye disorder, occurs due to long time strain on ciliary muscles of eye.

7. Backache: sitting and working in wrong postures leading to backaches, spinal problem (spondylitis), cervical problem is mostly seen in chronic internet users.

8. Hearing problems or Pain in Pinna: due to prolonged use of headphone compressing ear pinna leads to pain in pinna and listening to music at high volume from headphone can cause deafness or decrease hearing intensity.

pilonidal sinus

pilonidal sinus

9. Jeep Bottom: also known as pilonidal sinus, seen in hairy males, hairs accumulates due to vibration and friction causing shedding of hairs, accumulates in gluteal cleft and enters opening of sweat glands causing sinus just above the anal verge, or even abscess is also seen, occurs when patients keeps on shaking his body on chair while listening to music causing shedding of body hairs.

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10. Obesity: you are sitting all through, adding to sedentary life style leading to obesity,

which further causes diabetes mellitus and heart attack.

11. Seizures: just like watching Television from close can precipitate sizures, same can also happen while working on computer.

12. Erectile Problems: mostly seen in those who keep on surfing porn sites, constantly arousing their body to secrete sex hormones, may suffer from erectile problems.

13. Bursitis: those people who sit putting pressure on elbow joint can cause bursitis inflammation of bursa.

14. Cyber Addiction: if you are logging into e mail account unnecessarily after every 2-3 hours checking mails then you are a cyber addict, also seen in social networking sites users like facebook, orkut etc.

15. Osteoporosis: sedentry life style, causing demineralisation of calcium from bone, leading to less dense bone,  causing osteoporosis or fracture of bones on normal daily activities.

if you go to cyber cafe just like in India to visit websites, you can get infection from keyboard too.

Thanks to Dr.  Punj at Era’s Lucknow Medical college for giving valuable points for this article.


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