8 Reasons why you should stop masturbation

by admin on September 24, 2010

After doing survey on a group of 50 people we came to this conclusions that all of those people who masturbate a lot are found to have these.

  1. All of them have low energy level, feel dump, they have a feelings as mind has been blocked if they do it more than once a day.
  2. All of them suffer from guilt feeling, says “why I have done it, I will not do it again”  many of  them used to take bath after doing act.
  3. Many of them used to sleep after doing act, so their daily routine is disturbed, charm or glow over face decreases.
  4. Many of them found to have increased their spectacle number more frequently.
  5. Creative ideas do not come in mind, develop impaired memory after long time.
  6. You will not feel to go to gym to do exercises after doing act.
  7. Many of regulars are found to have a burning sensation after 5-10 minutes of act, which remains for around 15 minutes and they get relief by pouring cold water over glans. This is felt due to inflammation of prostrate gland.
  8. When you control over it for one month you will feel more energetic, more creative, good memory, able to complete your work at time, and with a charm or glow at your face.

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