A video Guide on how to perform colostomy?

by admin on January 18, 2010

Here you will learn

What is Colostomy?

Video guide on how to perform surgery of colostomy?

How to care for colostomy?

Colostomy is the surgical procedure where colon is cut and one part (mostly proximal) is taken out by making hole in abdomen wall and is sutured with the help of stitches. The part which is out of abdomen cavity is known as STOMA. Through this stoma faeces comes out and collected in colostomy bag which is emptied time to time.

Other end of colon is closed with stitches and left inside the abdomen so that it can take rest and return to its normal anatomy in this case TEMPORARY COLOSTOMY is performed and colon is sutured back after recovery.

However in PERMANENT COLOSTOMY it is permanently out, and diseased colon is dissected out so that faeces will not come out from anus, it will come out through stoma life long, this condition is seen in case of carcinoma of colon or rectum etc.

Colostomy is of 3 types Loop colostomy, end colostomy, and double barrel colostomy.

Following is the video procedure explaining how to perform palliative colostomy  in  a case of carcinoma of rectum, here the carcinoma has shown great metastasis so we need to cut transverse colon from 1/3 rd from hepatic flexure.

This surgery was performed by Dr Prasad Bhukebag, Dr Naveen Agarwal, our director Dr Vikram Singh Yadav and Dr Ashwini Kumar at Dr Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, New Delhi.

Read about how to care for colostomy at e how.com

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