Anti Gas Gangrene Serum

by admin on September 18, 2011

AGGS ( anti gas gangrene serum ) injections are available in New Delhi,Mumbai etc, it is available in Dr RML hospital New Delhi, you can get them by making a call at 02241424040 helpline.

Gas Gangrene is caused by Claustridium Perfirenges, leading to production of gas along with gangrene, causing death due to sepsis and patient dies with in few hours. If you got any accident or muscle injury, you must take this injection. Below is a photograph of patient showing you gas gangrene of the right leg and pelvis, showing swelling and discoloration of the right thigh, bullae. The patient, in shock at the time this photograph was taken, underwent a surgery and died after 8 hours. This image belong to Engelbert Schröpfer, Stephan Rauthe and Thomas Meyer, you can get more details about it here. We have taken it from wikipedia as this image is listed in creative common license.

Gag gangrene infection

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