Arteriovenous fistula surgery Video

by admin on July 30, 2011

We are going to tell you all steps of AVF surgery with video, indication of AVF was dialysis. Just follow simple 10 steps to complete the surgery.

1. Preparation of part by betadiene.

2. Give Local Anaesthesia.

3. About 5-6 cm incision is given.

4. Search for cephalic vein or axillary vein, clean all tissues and hold it with rubber band.

5. Search for Radial artery, hold it also with another rubber band

6. Bring both of them closer i.e both artery and vein, parallel to each other, now give approx 2cm incision to both artery and vein.

7. Suture artery with vein first one end then 2nd end side to side with nylon 6 zero suture.

8. Wash artery with heparinized saline even flush the artery with it so as to prevent and clots to embolize, now suture then completely.

9. Put lignocaine over artery so as to prevent arterial spasm.

10. Suture the surgical wound.

Before closing wound palpate for thrill, auscultate for Bruei.


After that 4 important directions to be given to patient

1. Do not lift any heavy thing with this hand.

2. Do not allow any one to take blood sample from this hand, or take and injection.

3. Do not allow any one to take Blood pressure with on this hand.

4. Ask patient to perform some exercises like pressing a sponge ball with hand, or opening or closing of fist.

Now watch out the video surgery of AVF below on youtube.

We are highly thankful to Dr Nikhil Khattar and Dr Ranjit Singh for this article.

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sherri March 26, 2012 at 1:55 am

this video was wonderful…would like to be able to tell what instruments are used and what suture was used…but was so great…thank you so much!


admin March 27, 2012 at 6:16 pm

Thank you to you too for being our visitor, you can subscribe to our youtube channel.

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