Calcium Oxalate and Phosphate Stones

by admin on August 18, 2011

Bladder StonesCalcium oxalates and phosphate stones contributes to 70% of all stones, this is what Robbin’s says (Robbins book of pathology)

Items rich in oxalates are vegetables like spinach, cucumber, tomatoes, chulai, beans, onion, amla, chikoo, black grapes, citrus fruits, nuts and berries. Beaverages are like tea, coffee, cola and cocoa.

Recommended dose for prevention of formation of oxalates stones are eating pineapples, banana, barley, coconut water.


Now you are thinking about how to prevent formation of uric acid stones?

let me explain you items rich in uric acid are pumpkin, brinjal, red meat, mushrooms, cauliflower, red wine. So these stone formation can be prevented by increasing following things in diet like, bitter gourd (kerala), horse grams, carrots, lemons.

So all the best and enjoy stone free life.


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