Causes and Treatment of Gall Stones

by admin on April 8, 2009

Gall Stones Disease known as cholelithiasis.


Etiology of gall stones

basically there are 6 causes of gall stone formation.


  1. Metabolic causes: cholesterol is produced from liver, which give rise to bile acids, normally bile acids and cholesterols are present in ration of 25:1 when this ratio gets below 17:1 gall stones are developed.
  2. It may be due bile stasis
  3. Haemolytic Anaemia also causes gall stones, because of increased bilirubin production.
  4. Infection of E. Coli, proteus, streptococci etc are 80% causes of  gall stones
  5. Saint triad = gall stones+ diverticulosis of colon + hiatus hernia
  6. Parasitic infestation like ascaris lumbricoids


Fatty female in fourty ages is more risky to develop gall stones


Type of gall stones: 1 cholesterol stones, 2 mixed stones ( constitute 80% of gall stones), 3 pigment stones


Treatment of Gall Stones:

Medical treatment: where drugs like chenodeoxycholic acid is given orally which dissolves the stones, and methyl terbutyl ether drug is given by catheter percutaneously which dissolves stone on coming in touch with stone. Extra corporeal shock wave lithotripsy is also done now a days which breaks large size stone into small pieces, and stone comes out through lumen.

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