Chikungunya Signs, Symptoms & Treatment

by admin on October 2, 2010

Recently you have heard through media that chikungunya cases are rising in Mumbai & Delhi, so in order to stop epidemic you should know about it.

Chikungunya virus spreads with the help of a vector mosquito Aedes aegypti, disease is quite disabling disease making person to walk lamely due to severe pain in joints. Disease come in epidemics, one epidemic in Chennai covered 3 lakh patients.

Incubation period of disease is one to twelve days, fever is remitting type of fever that it remains through out day and fluctuates for more than 1 degree with in 24 hours, it remits for one to two days and then changes to saddle back fever. On 2nd to 5th day rash appears on body and limbs. This virus was discovered in India in 1963.

Symptoms in adults: patient usually comes with severe joints pains, fever, rash, conjunctivitis in some haemorrhage is also seen, and lymphadenopathy.

Symptoms in children: joint pain which is common in adults in not seen in children rather they have gastrointestinal disturbances, will complain of headache, on examination you will see severe pharyngitis. So in children the manifestation is quite different.

Investigations: only one finding is there you will see leucopenia.

Treatment: there is no treatment to it, rather than giving symptomatic relief, however chloroquine phosphate has proved to be little worthful, you can also give NSAIDS.

Important: old age patient may have joint stiffness and pain for several years, chikungunya is also known to cause viral arthritis, some patient have also found to have symptoms after 5 years of infection.

Prevention: you can prevent chikungunya by preventing mosquito bite, use of mosquito nets, mosquito repellent ointment and spray can prevent this crippling disease.

Read more about chikungunya at wikipedia

mosquito on petha sweets sucking fluid from sweetsmosquito sitting on petha ki mithai

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