Cord Blood Banking In India

by admin on August 18, 2011

The cost of private cord blood banking may look very high to you, it is Rs 90,000 rupees as collection charges and Rs 5000 as storage charges per year. We collect that umbilical cord blood that is left in placenta and cord after the birth of child, this umbilical cord contain stems cells through which genetic disorders or organ disorders can be corrected, cord blood also contains hematopoietic cells, which corrects all blood related disorders.

The blood is collected in the same way as we usually collect standardly this technique is known as closed technique, we cannulates the vein of umbilical cord which is connected to blood bag, or blood is extracted by syringe later on transferred to blood bag, all has to be done in 1 minute, we need to collect around 75ml of blood.

This way the cord blood is collected and is cryopreserved for future transplantation, some parents also prefer to collect and preserve stem cells from tissues of umbilical cord, this tissues is known as wharton’s jelly, this warton’s jelly is a rich source of mesenchymal stem cells and can yield 500 millions of them. If you want to see the exact procedure and some new facts watch out the video below on youtube.

You can preserve your cord blood in India in cryobank, and its helpline numbers are

 1-800-102-2796 (Airtel)
1-800-180-1217 (BSNL)


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