Cystolithotomy Surgery

by admin on August 21, 2011

Steps are

1. Skin is painted and draped

2. pfannenstiel incision is given about 7-8cm.

3. Urinary bladder identified and confirmed by needle.

4. Two stay sutures taken on bladder so that when we will give incision, incision may not broaden.

5. Incision given on bladder at lower level in midline.

6. Urinary Bladder opened vertically in midline with stay sutures

7. Vesical calculus is extracted.

8. Urinary bladder is repaired in two layers

9. Drain placed no 28 in pelvis and sheath is closed.

10.  Skin is closed after achieving haemostasis and dressing is done

11. Calculus is sent for chemical analysis.

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