Fibroids in Uterus

by admin on March 2, 2010

Fibroids in uterus are also known as uterine leiomyoma,  fibromyoma, leiofibromyoma, fibroma,  fibroleiomyoma, myoma.

They are the most common among black womens and around 30% women in their reproductive age are known to suffer from them.

Since oestrogen helps in their growth so their growth is seen during 15 to 45 years of women life, as during this time only the oestrogen is secreted in body.

So fatty women have more chances of getting fibroids as they have more oestrogen.

In 1% of cases leiomyoma can become malignant known as leiomyosarcoma.

On cutting the fibroids whorled pattern is visible.

Types of Fibroids

Fibroids are classified on the basis of their location into

1. Intramural fibroids

2. Subserosal fibroids

3. Submucosal fibroids

4. Cervical fibroids

5. Pedunculated fibroids

See the video below showing how fibroids are classified with  the help of papaya model (fantastic explanation).

You also watch this video for more understanding of fibroids

Sign and Symptoms

1. Abdomen Discomfort

2. Painful bleeding

3. Pain during coitus

4. Increased urinary frequecy

5. Retention of urine

6. Backache

7. Infertility

in pregnant women uterine fibroids can cause abortion, bleeding or premature labour.


Endometrial ablation




and Drugs which lower the oestrogen level in blood

watch out the surgery of fibroid removal below

Special thanks for Miss Seema Yadav, she is a good pharmacist and real sister of Dr vikram Singh Yadav, completed her education from DMA, and IIFTM moradabad.

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