Fistulectomy Surgery on Anus

by admin on December 23, 2009

In order to understand fistulectomy surgery first of all you try to understand what is anal abscess and fistula in ano.

Anal Abscess is a pus filled cavity near anus and Fistula in Ano is an abnormal passage (communication) between the interior of the anal canal or rectum and the skin surface. It is treated by Fistulotomy or by Fistulectomy to know more about both of them must visit

Below is the video of fistulectomy surgery, you can watch out how the fistula looks in X-ray of Pelvis region in this video as well as complete procedure for treatment of fistula in ano.

As Explained in video you see that the steel probe was not able to pass through and through to fistula since it was closed from upper end, if it had not been closed following surgery is being performed as show by

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