Fracture of Tibia and Fibula- Treatment Surgery

by admin on July 23, 2010

Most common causes of  fracture of tibia and fibula are like blunt trauma, road traffic accidents, sports like hockey, football, baseball, basektball.

The tibia is the main weight-bearing bone of the lower leg, so a tibial fracture is more serious than a broken fibula. There’s not much tissue around the tibia, and therefore not as much blood supply to the bone. Consequently, it takes longer to heal.

oblique- spiral fracture of tibia and fibula

The method of treatment and the time to complete healing comes down to where the bone was broken,  whether near the ankle, or in the mid-portion, or close to the knee joint. Each location has its own problems that we deal in different manner. Ideally, we do not want to operate on a tibial fracture. You prefer to set it in place, brace it, and allow it to heal. Generally, the more limited the blood supply, the greater the healing time.

If you are in playground or in market, you saw your friend met and accident and got his fractured at lower end of legs, read here how to splint a fracture of lower leg.

Some times we are forced to operate the patient so to internally fix the fracture, following video helps to demonstrate how to perform the surgery for fracture of lower end of tibia and fibula.

After giving general anaesthesia to patient, we try to reduce the fracture with fracture reducing forcep without giving any incision, we can see the correct alignment of bones under X-Rays in O.T.

With the help of driller we drill K-Wire so that fracture is temporarily reduced and stablised. Now we will give small incision so that we can elevate the periosteum of bone so that implant or plate can properly set over the bone.

In the video below we are trying to fix the fibula first and fix it with reconstruction plate, which is screwed to bone with cancellous screw, you may need the help of bone holding forceps during reducing fibula fractures.

After fixing fibula we move to fix tibia and fix it with lower tibial metaphyseal plate and cancellous screws, give stitches and bandage is applied.

This fantastic surgery has been done by great orthopaedician from Lucknow Dr O. P. Gupta M. S (ortho. from K.G.M.C Luknow) and working as an Associate Proffessor at Era’s Lucknow Medical College and Hospital. For any kind of orthopaedic surgery can call him at 09450871300 and 09307773920. This surgery was assisted by Dr Deepak Chaudhary and Dr Yasir Ali Khan. We are highly thankful to them.

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monica February 13, 2016 at 6:33 pm

got operated for fibia and tibula distal position fracture in August. started walking normally i.e without support only in January. still there is swelling if i wear open shoes and what are the precautions to take place for another year before i remove those? also is climbing stairs harmful? got my 90% motions back after physiotherapy. But i am still not so confident for various work.


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