Geographical Tongue and Fissured Tongue Treatment

by admin on March 25, 2010

Below is the Picture showing you deep fissures on tongue, so such type of tongue is known as “Fissured Tongue”, since fissures resembles that of scrotum, it is also known as “Scrotal Tongue”, we also see folds of skin that’s why known as “Plicated Tongue”, one more name is also given to it called “furrowed tongue” as many furrows are present on tongue.



Some times fissures are so deep that you feel burning sensation on eating spicy and salty food.

It affects around 1-2% people from USA and 20% people worldwide.

Treatment of fissured tongue is eating diet rich in vitamin B, giving B. complex capsules to the patients and asking for maintaining oral hygiene.

Geographical Tongue: This condition is painful. Very sensitive to citrus fruits. It is also known as “Benign migratory glossitis”,  “Benign migratory stomatitis “,  “Glossitis areata exfoliativa”,  “Glossitis areata migrans”,  “Lingua geographica”,  “Stomatitis areata migrans”,  and “Transitory benign plaques of the tongue”.



In the Geographic tongue you see red and white patches on tongue spread like world map on globe, in these reddish areas papillae are missing, while in white or grayish areas papillae are over crowded. Red and Gray areas keep on changing with in days to hours.

Some time geographic tongue is accompanied by fissured tongue.

Below is a photograph of a lady with poor oral hygiene where you see pigmented fissured tongue, here tongue was appearing bluish, we were supposing it to be due to embolism, however it was pigmented geographic tongue.



Treatment of Geographic tongue includes, vitamin B complex, zinc supplementation and antihistaminics.

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