Health Guide For Travelling

by dr.pragnesh vachharajani on June 21, 2011

Summer vacation has started and many of you must have packed your bags to go on vacation. Every time during vacation days hundreds of families go on to enjoy vacation, but miserably many of the tourist places lack better health care facilities, and some time you are put to misery of local chemist for your medical needs during vacation at a relatively unknown place and because of this you may end up spoiling your valuable vacation which you deserve badly with your family.

So here some of the precautions that you need to take to avoid any mishap and have non stop fun outside your home also.



The most important part. During vacation you are likely go careless on this aspect as other priorities are high and this is sometimes the neglected part. At times you are forced to eat the things which you may not eat normally because lack of options at times.

So do proper planning and inquire about the place that you are planning to visit. Go to internet; ask the relative or friends who have previously visited the places, asks your tour operater etc to find out the availability of resources.

Always keep some light snacks with you, especially when you are traveling with kids and senior citizens. Avoid eating highly fried foods, food from laris and gallas. Always eat hot foods or stick biscuits or packed snacks if no option is available. Fruits are always a best option.


Make a rule be light on your stomach while you travel, never over eat.Especilly when traveling to Healy areas sometimes you can encounter motion sickness so light diet always helps.

As temperatures will be high at most of the places take plenty of liquids like lemon water, fruit juices, and butter milk etc.This will prevent dehydration and will help you feel fresh..

Always carry water along with you from a trusted source, fortunately this not a major problem nowadays because of availability of bottled water, but not forget to check the seal before you buy.

Skin Care:

For Men:

Wash you face frequently after coming back from outside. Always wear cap and glasses.

Apply sun screen on your face and exposed areas like forearm and hand while going out in sun. It is not only for women. Drink plenty of fluids during the day to avoid dehydration.

For Women:


If you are a patient or traveling with one who has to take certain medicines regularly like for high blood pressure, diabetes etc., take more than required no. of medicines with you. Always keep extra tablets. Because you can afford to miss the dose in any circumstances like lose of baggage, non availability of drugs etc.

Always keep a chit or card in your pocket or wallet or purse with list of medicines you are taking and brief about your illness. In case of unfortunate event of any medical emergency arising the other person or unknown doctor who needs to see you gets the important and vital information about your illness easily.

When ever you are going for vacation talk to your doctor and prepare list of medicines that you need to carry along with you. Your doctor knows you well, will guide properly about it so that some minor aliments like fever, vomiting if at all takes place can easily be taken care off and in unknown place you need not go to pillar to pillar in search of medical help. Nowadays many doctors are giving travel medical kit, which contains all most all the necessary medicines that one needs, that is a handy and good option.




Traveling during summer times needs careful selection of clothes. You can enjoy wearing some light colored clothes which will keep you cool in the heat of summer. If you are man you can enjoy wearing shorts, round neck tees, cotton trousers etc.For females t-shirts, shirts ,loose skirts, capries,Bermudas etc. are better as they make a fashion statement also and make you comfortable during traveling.

Do not forget to take your cap and pair of glasses along with you. This is a must to protect your eyes.

Frequent change of clothes in hot and humid climate is desired.

So with these small things in mind you can make your summer a vacation a memorable one. It is your time and you have a right to enjoy. Enjoy!

Always remember:

Always carry first aid box, medicines of common ailments like loose motion, vomiting etc, emergency kit and do not forget to get vaccinated for the disease which is prevalent in the country you are going to travel. You can see a list of routine vaccination while travelling any country from cdcgovernment site.






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