Health Tips For Rainy Season

by dr.pragnesh vachharajani on July 9, 2011

The much awaited monsoon is here and all of us are having sigh of relief from scorching heat of summer. This is time to enjoy and with small care everybody can enjoy keeping in mind the points below. Everybody loves rain as it brings joy from within and gives us chance to enjoy the season and eat the best. This monsoon is good for soul and body both. After killing heat of summer it is time for humans and earth to feel rejuvenated.

Here are some tips to enjoy this to fullest without having any problems related to health.


During the days of continues rain skin is the most vulnerable to disease. Due to presence of continuous moisture there are various places in body like foot (between toes), hands; thigh region etc. can be host for fungal disease.

Please keep this area dry or wipe immediately when it gets wet. Avoid wearing clothes like Jeans which does not dry immediately, wear cotton most of the time that is skin friendly.  Those who are having diabetes needs to take extra care for foot these days. Please do not walk bear footed. Avoid wearing wet shoes.


This is the season to pamper your appetite and enjoy the delicious variety of mouth watering food. But with caution. Your favourite “Dalwada” available just at the road side may book your appointment with your doctor the next day.

Do not eat left over food .Make sure what ever you eat is fresh and hygienic. Avoid eating at a place you are not sure off hygiene practise and its standards.

You can take natural things like “KADA” or “Tulsi no ukalo”, which not only will freshen you up but good for your health also and tasty. This will definitely life up your mood. You can please elders in your family with this also. Means win win situation for all. Natural tea is also good.

Be light on your stomach; avoid eating late as your digestive system goes slow in this season.

Please make sure that the area of house in which you store your food items is dry and ventilated.

In the absence of water purifier at home please use boiled water.


Avoid tight fitting clothes and clothes that do not dry readily. Carry an extra pair of clothes for children and elders with you in this season.

Wear bright colour clothes while walking on road while commuting as it increase the visibility in poor light conditions and avoid accidents.

Avoid wearing thick clothes like jeans etc.They do not dry readily and keeps moisture and may prone you to skin disease.

Care for children:

Children love this season the most. In fact they are the one who enjoys this season to fullest. Make then change clothes immediately when get wet. Ask to then take a bath after bath in rain with a good anti septic soap.

Instruct them to wash hands frequently in this season to avoid infection. Give then good food and avoid too much of junk food which can lower their immunity and can lead to frequent infections and visits to doctor. Give them variety of good food cooked at home itself.

Senior Citizens:

This VIP class of people needs special care during season like this. Please avoid going out in rain as far as possible.

There are chances of injury due to unexpected fall on slippery areas. This can lead to problems. Take medicines regularly if you are taking any. Have an extra stock for 10 days in this season so in case of very heavy rain there are no chances of non availability.

Carry a stick and torch along with you when ever you go out, of course with rain cot or umbrella. Be light in your stomach and avoid taking any thing from out side.

Please take care of skin of your foot to avoid any skin disease.

With this few tips every body can enjoy this season of Monsoon, without any problem.

Have a happy and healthy monsoon.

Dr.Pragnesh M.Vachharajani is practising family physician and life style disease consultant. Can be reached at

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Now will enjoy fully these rainy days!!


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