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by admin on June 18, 2011

well friends summers are at its peak and this is the time when children suffer a lot from prickly heat or heat rash or miliaria or in Hindi they are known as Ghamoria. They are very common in children as their sweat glands are not mature.

They are found to be associated with itching, you can recognise them by looking them carefully some of them have transparent fluid in them, some of them are red while some are red in colour, you can easily recognise them just view the video tutorial below on youtube.

How to prevent Miliaria?

First of all do not live in hot and humid climate, live in air condition, wear light clothes, take multiple baths.

How to treat miliaria?

If it has attacked you

1.you can use antibacterial soaps

2. Topical use of calamine lotion or menthol lotion

3. In India, Ponds Cold Cream is found to be highly beneficial to patient.

4. Use dusting powders or prickly heat powders.

5. You should take vitamin A & C in diet.

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