House Fly Maggots in Mouth of Alive Human Photo and Video

by admin on November 5, 2009

Below is a photo of a cachexic patient with maggots in mouth of patient, this patient is alive when picture was taken





Maggots are the larvae of house flies, which are generally seen to infest nose, nasal sinuses, oral cavity etc. Generally flies of genus CHRYSOMYIA are attracted towards foul smell, of damaging tissues.

The flies lay eggs around 200 in a time, larvae comes out with in 24 hours, however patient is not aware of these till 3rd and 4th day.

Maggots produce irritation, sneezing, itching, headache and lacrimation. Patients are also seen with oozing bloody discharge from nostrils. Some time larvae comes out crawling out from nose or oral cavity. They cause extensive damage to soft tissue, death may occur due to meningitis.

In India cases are most prevalent in month of August, September and October.

Precautions: keep patient under mosquito net always.

Most Common in: Children, paralysed or comatosed patient, person who do not take care of hygiene like beggers.

Treatment: Maggots should be picked up with the help of forceps, when light is thrown in the area they recede back, so it advised to kill them by using oil or chloroform water. Warm Saline with nasal douche is used to remove dead maggots.

Do You Know? Maggots feeds only on dead tissue of body, this habit is being used in certain treatment, maggots are being packed in wounds with extensive necrosis for one to two days, after that they are removed and packing is done, this helps in healing of wounds quicker.

Late Mr. Shanti Kumar Jain

Late Mr. Shanti Kumar Jain

Above Mentioned Patient was Late Mr. Shanti Kumar Jain, he was working in Defence Accounts before his condition deteriorated. Sorry to inform reader’s that he expired recently in the closing months of year 2009, Team expresses deep grief for this sad happening.

Watch out the crawling maggots after removed from body below in the video

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