How To Diagnose A Varicocele?

by admin on July 25, 2011

It is also known as varicose seal, it is usually common in hot and humid climate, mostly in tall persons.

Signs and symptoms are

1. patient will have heaviness in scrotum.

2. testicles will shrink and soften.

3. patient will have dragging pain

4. On standing patient may see the dilated veins.

You can see the picture of a grade 3 varicocele in the video below on youtube.

Grading of Varicocele

Grade 1: Varicocele only palpable during or after Valsalva maneuver on physical exam.

Grade 2: Varicocele palpable on routine physical exam without the need
for Valsalva maneuver.

Grade 3: Varicocele visible to the eye and palpable on physical exam

so here it is grade 3

If you want to read more about varicocele go to


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