How To Do Male Breast Examination?

by admin on May 19, 2011

Inspect the breast by arms hanging side ways, then arms raised, arms on hip with applying pressure, by bending forward.

Now in breasts check out for position, see the size and shape, check out for any puckering or dimpling, check out for any ulcer or swelling over the breast, check out the skin for any lesions, colour, and dimple or retraction, engorged veins, psuedo orange skin.

In nipples, see the number of nipples, their size, symmetry, number, any lesion. position, any fluid or blood or milk ozzing out.

Areola, see colour, size, surface, and texture.

Palpation should be done in sitting position, semi recombinant position, lying down position and palpation must be done with fingers not with palm. Divide breast in four quadrants and check out in which quadrant the lesion or lump lies. Check out for tenderness, temperature, fixity to chest wall and skin. After that perform the palpation of lymph nodes. Watch out the complete procedure in video below

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