How To Give Interferon Alpha 2a Injection?

by admin on August 28, 2011

while giving chemotherapy, one patient brought a pen of interferon alpha 2a injection which was to be given by subcutaneous mode, that pen contained around 30 milliunits and we need to give 6 milli units, but there were no marks available on it, we searched on net to find out the way, could not got satisfactory answer, the booklet with interferon does not contain any information regarding usage, so we decided to make a video on this topic so that you can use the interferon pen at your home.

The packet of interferon contains few plastic caps, these are actually needles, one pen of injection.

Steps: open pen, hold first half of pen with left hand, rotate second half clock wise and you will see that distal end from needle area is increasing in size containing few markings, actually this is the plunger top, which you will need to push so as to inject the drug, now fix any one cap from  those plastic caps, open it you will see the needle, use spirit swab to clean the skin and give the injection by subcutaneous mode, on thigh or hand or stomach, now watch out the exact procedure below on youtube.

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