How To Perform Breast Examination? Video

by admin on May 21, 2011

Breast examination is divided into INSPECTION & PALPATION so as to detect the carcinoma of breast, it should be performed by every girl above age of 20 years routinely once in a month. By watching the video you will be able to perform self examination of breast at home.

INSPECTION: inspection is done in 4 ways 1. by arms hanging on sides 2. arms raised above head 3.  putting arms over hip and pressing them so as to make pectoralis major stuff or tout. 4. bending forward so that breasts fall forward, if they remain fixed to chest wall that means some pathology is there.

Inspect the position of breasts: compare both breasts, see any displacement, check for multiple breasts, any dimple over breast, look out for any swelling, ulcer etc if present further do local examination of swelling or ulcer.

Inspect the skin over breast: check out its colour, texture, engorged veins, nodules, lesion, retraction of skin, see if the skin looks like the orange peel known as peud orange skin, which is seen in carcinoma.

Inspect the nipples: see their presence, symmetry, number, position, whether retracted or not, calculate the distance of both nipples with scale , vertical distance is measured from clavicle and horizontal from mid of sternum so as to see whether both nipples lies at the same position or not. Look for cracks, eczema, fissures over nipples. Yes do not forget to see discharge from nipples, see the colour of discharge, if it is oozing from nipples or near by areas.

Inspection of Areola: see the colour of areola, it is pink coloured in fair and virgin lady, may be brown in colour in dark lady. Size of areola, and dimpling, puckered skin of areola, whether areola present of not, is there any ulceration present over areola, totally damaged areola is seen in paget’s disease.


Palpation has to be done in sitting, semi recombinant position and lying on bed. Palpation has to be done in all four quadrants upto axillary tail of spence. Palpation has to be done by the palmer surface of fingers and not with palm or tip of fingers. Try to find out in lump is present in it or not? If present see the fixity of lump with skin, chest muscles etc. You can watch out complete video of examination of breast on youtube below.

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