How to Perform Suprapubic Cystostomy or Vesicostomy?

by admin on March 26, 2010

Suprapubic cystostomy is also known as vesicostomy is an emergency and done when patient is not able to pass urine due to some obstruction in bladder, when tried to pass cathetor, cathetor do not go beyond a point, again tried with smaller size cathetor, again same problem, at this stage we take decision to perform suprapubic cystostomy.

Suprapubic Cystostomy is contraindicated in Carcinoma of bladder.

In this procedure skin is a surgical connection is made between bladder and abdomen skin and mallicot’s cathetor is introduced.

Block in passage of urine can be due to

Benign prostratic hypertrophy

Traumatic urethera

Congenital defect

stone in urethra

Spinal cord injury

Steps of suprapubic cystostomy

1. give general anaesthesia or spinal anaesthesia

2. clean the abdomen with bedadiene and spirit

3. make a 5-6 cm vertical incision on abdomen wall at mid line an 2 finger above the pubic


4. we cut skin,superficial fascia, linea alba, we split the transversus

abdominus muscle, and peritonium is seperated by blunt dissection.

5. Now we check the bladder by spirating the urine with syringe or by looking vesicular plexus.

6. give two stitches, make an incision and insert mallicot’s cathetor and stich the layers by layers and done.

Below is the video demostration of Suprapubic cystostomy, here we are not using mallicot’s cathetor, but we are using ready made cathetor like trocar and cannula, its easy to insert, fix, and remove, it is being fixed inside bladder by inflating a balloon. Now watch the video below on youtube.

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