How to Prevent carpal tunnel syndrome?

by admin on April 4, 2009

Many of persons suffering from carpal tunnel syndromes,  so i decided to write about it, many people tell about exercises can prevent it, exercises can help you to get relief from its severe pain.

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome: This is caused by compression of the median nerve which passes beneath the flexor retinaculum.


Sign and Symptoms: Generally the patient is middle aged female who complains of tingling, numbness or discomfort in the thumb and radial one half of fingers.


Nerve conduction studies shows delayed or even absent nerve conduction impulses in median nerve.


Causes of carpel tunnel syndrome : there are 4 types of causes

  1. Idiopathic –most common
  2. Inflammatory- rheumatoid arthiritis
  3. Post traumatic- after colles fracture, due to bone thickening
  4. Endocrine causes- Myxoedema and Acromegaly


Muscle weakness: Abductor Pollicis Brevis ( tested by pen test)


Treatment: Surgical division of flexor retinaculum so that compression of median nerve is prevented.

Endoscopic surgery may allow faster functional recovery and less postoperative discomfort than traditional open release surgery. The surgeon makes two incisions (about ½” each) in the wrist and palm, inserts a camera attached to a tube, observes the tissue on a screen, and cuts the carpal ligament (the tissue that holds joints together). This two-portal endoscopic surgery, generally performed under local anesthesia, is effective and minimizes scarring and scar tenderness, if any. One-portal endoscopic surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome is also available.  These lines from


Palliative treatment: you can do exercises, you can hold the hand as shown in pic below to get relieve from pain.



Watch out the surgery of carpal tunnel syndrome below in this video

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