How to Protect From CCHF?

by admin on January 20, 2011

crimean congo hemorrhagic fever virus is causing CCHF disease this virus belongs to genus Nairovirus of Buniyaviridae family.

You can watch out the video below on youtube showing sign and symptoms of disease, its incubation period and treatment.

How to Prevent CCHF?

avoid contact with milk diaries where cattles are there, because you can get infection from their excreta, urine, meat products.

If someone is suffering near you quarantine that person, wear gloves and mask before handling the patient, keep away from their secretions, blood samples etc.

Detick the animal or farm house by applying proper insecticide.

Use insect repellant creams, proper clothings. For More Facts of CCHF Read at WHO website

For Sign, Symptoms and Treatment Watch Out Video Below

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