How To Take A Blood Sample?

by admin on September 17, 2011

Sampling of blood is usually done as a routine in wards daily, so we are telling you the way how to do it smartly without causing injury to you e.g self prick injury or to other. You can watch out the video below on youtube on how to take sample with syringe from arm preferable from cubital vein. Sometimes following problems can arise

1. Patient is a old age person and you are not able to palpate vein, or has very fragile vein, try your best or go for femoral sample.

2. Patient is having anasarca (swelling all over body) veins are neither visible nor palpable, so put a compression over area where veins are usually present, due to compression a pit will develop in which you can see a vein running, puncture that needle to take your required sample.

3. Some times veins are very thin you can not puncture them, in that case beat than with your fingers 10 times, they will inflate, now you can take sample.

Follow the tricks given in the video so as to take a sample

Special precautions that you need to take is 1. never recap the needle 2. wear 2 pair of gloves if patient is HBSAg positive or HIV positive, 3. never hold needle in a manner facing to front of others, face it down. 4. never forget to clean area with spirit swab, 5. Discard the needle in proper place so as it may not prick to workers.

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