How To Take Biopsy From Trucut Biopsy Needle?

by admin on September 14, 2011

Trucut biopsy needle is made up of sharp needle which lies inside a hollow rounded sheath, on hollow sheath there are  a number of double markings which are present at a distance of every 5cms. To take biopsy follow the following steps

1. Wear double gloves, apply lignocaine jelly to finger, hold the needle along side of index finger, insert it the way as we do in PR examination, and reach prostrate gland.

2. Now advance the central core of the needle inside prostrate

3. Now push the outer core forward, do not do opposite of it, do not try to retract back the central needle, always push the outer core forward.

4. Now withdraw the entire needle.

5. Advance the central core now and remove the tissue with help of needle and examine it under microscope.

You can watch out video demonstration of the same below on youtube with special thanks to Dr Ranjeet Singh SR Urology and drmishmish87

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