Hymenotomy in Hematocolpos-Video

by admin on June 20, 2011

Hematocolpos is made of 2 words, “hemato ” which means blood and “Colpo” means something related to vagina, so hematocolpos is a gynaecological problem which is usually seen in teenager girls where menustral cycle has just started, in these girls the imperforate hymen is present, that means there is no opening in hymen, so menustral blood will not flow, it will keep on accumulating above hymen will result in hematocolpos. The treatment of this condition is surgery where we excise hymen, make a opening in hymen so that menustral fluid will drain away you can watch out the surgical steps of hymenotomy done in hematocolpos in the video below on youtube, surgery is being done by DR.ABDUL VAHAB from MES medical college, Kerala.

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A similar condition is also there known as hematometra where menustral blood collects in uterus.

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