Ileal Conduit Urinary Diversion

by admin on July 7, 2011

Well we are going to tell you what is ileal conduit urinary diversion and how to perform this procedure? Today in our O.T we performed a cystectomy procedure (excision of urinary bladder) since this was the case of bladder cancer. Since bladder was removed surgically, so we need to form an artificial bladder which is usually done by taking a small piece of bowel usually ileum is preferred. Now that small part is cleaned with betadiene and one end is closed with sutures. From other end we inserted a 90 degree forcep so as to make a hole and in which we inserted a feeding tube, now one end of this feeding tube was inserted into one ureter and other end will be left outside and is connected to uro bag where urine will keep on accumulating, ureter is sutured with ileum through the hole from where feeding tube was inserted into ileum, same procedure is applied to second ureter and 2nd feeding tube is connected.


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