Incontinence Control Devices

by admin on September 17, 2011

This is a Bakane male urinary incontinence device used to prevent urinary incontinence, it should be worn as if wearing a ring but on male genital organ, so that its button lies on ventral aspect of male genital covering a part of penile urethra, button when pressed puts pressure on urethra thus preventing leakage of urine, till the button is released again, which releases the compression and patient can micturate. This device costs somewhat around Rs 400, should be used when prescribed by doctor. By using this device you can have a good life, can see a movie for hours, can travel, attend a long hour meeting, lectures, parties etc without getting embarrassed. This device works by clamping the urethra, can also be called as a clamp device, you can see the video demonstration of this device below on youtube

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