Incontinence Dermatitis Treatment

by admin on December 13, 2011

When urine comes in contact with skin, urine increases the coefficient of friction of skin, which makes it to be more susceptible to clothes rubbing. When fecal incontinence is there, condition becomes even more worse, bacteria in feces convert urea of urine into ammonia, due to ammonia, pH of skin increases, so enzymes which are present in fecal matter in inactive form gets activated causing more damage to skin, ultimately some bacteria or yeast  infection occurs, you can easily see the scaly lesions, erythema over things of the patient, condition becomes even more worse, when these lesions convert to ulcers.

Treatment is application of petroleum jelly, zinc oxide ointments, antifungal powder etc, if ulcer is there, you must visit your doctor for proper care of ulcer, take care that dermatitis area remains dry.

For better understanding and visualizing the patient watch out the video below on youtube.

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