Infected Lacrimal Puncta & Lacrimal Apparatus Anatomy

by admin on May 27, 2011

Well friends this is a case which came to us with severely infected superior lacrimal puncta and  superior lacrimal canaliculi, even some of the upper lid is also found to be infected. With this we thought to through light over the anatomy of lacrimal apparatus of eye which is made up of lacrimal gland, superior lacrimal punctum, superior lacrimal canal, lacrimal sac, inferior lacrimal punctum, inferior canal, both canal merge to form common canal attaching to lacrimal sac which open into nose through naso lacrimal duct via valve of Hasner. Naso lacrimal duct is 15-18mm in height. Now see the video of case below as recorded by us.

You can watch out dissecting out lacrimal gland in a cadaver below

Acland videos – 6-Lacrimal apparatus

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