How to Join Internship at Dr. RML Hospital New Delhi

by admin on December 10, 2009

NOTE: To know the dates of interview, kindly call the RML hospital or visit the hospital as now we are not updating this information regularly.

Many MBBS students from different corners of India want to join internship from Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital New Delhi, this guide will surely help you a lot even in how to take postings? which department to join or not to join?

Very first step take “no objection certificate” from your college, come to Dr RML hospital take ” no objection certificate” this will be valid for around 30 days.

Go to Delhi Medical Council Office and do take provisional registration certificate, if you applied today not got certificate !! no prob, receipt will work.

First day of every month they conducts interview or viva, how to prepare for that? Do not take any head ache? very simple questions are asked, clinically oriented, staff who take viva is very co operative, and results is around 90%. ( you are free doctors, who will refuse you).

Do not forget to ask all rules and regulations, they will not provide you money or even hostel, you can leave the internship in between too, just give application, they give complition in one or day two.

Canteen food items are not very tasty, lunch- dinner every thing is not upto the mark, however you will find it to be excellent in Safdarjung Hospital, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital etc.

They will ask you to come on some day and fill forms etc will give you a blue card, you will need to bring original documents with photocopy + 2 passport size photographs, postings are given according to your wishes, they prefer to give medicine department first.

In Medicine there are many units like Dr S. C. Sharma Unit, Dr B. B Gupta Unit. S C Sharma unit is good, Senior Residents, Junior Residents all are very helpful.

Now Read our experience in Dr B.B Gupta Unit

Dr. B. B. Gupta: He is a Excellent Doctor, very helpful man, interested in giving you knowledge, keep you asking some questions when in round, will help you when needed, even will give you leave when you will want it, no doubts excellent doctor.

Dr. Ritesh : He is Senior Resident belongs to Lucknow, he is very interesting doctor, you will enjoy his company, he will give you good knowledge, when ever you will sit in his OPD, you will enjoy a lot, learn something, and patients are also controlled smartly. You can not sit quietly there he will make you laugh always. He has left RML few months back.

Dr Tariq : Very generous, humble JR, most of the credits of my learnings goes to him, he told me all procedures in a very gentle ways, most of time he used to say that if you teach something to someone its a kind of worship, really I am very thankful to this doctor, but he resigned from RML in month of November. “Thanks a lot for what ever you gave me”

Dr. Vikas: He is Post Graduate Student, very coperative, understanding, helpful, try to bring you out from problems, if you commit some mistake, he will not only guide you but also will go with you to concerned department.

Dr Raj Kumar: He is Senior Resident, over all good personality, not much to say.

Thanks for her for helping me to learn some good procedures like lumber puncture, pleural tapping, ascitis fluid tapping.

Dr. Deepak: He is Senior Resident, remains silent most of time, little bit strict, very good for patients, knowledgeable person, but you will rarely see him laughing, smilling. Some times too strict, some time jiddi.

Once i got needle prick from a high risk patient, i told him, he remained silent for half an hour, when i was on round, he said, he guided me to take prophylaxis from ART clinic. How ever didnot tell me about primary treatment which i was expecting from him.

Never squeeze your finger when you get a needle prick.

Immediately go and wash finger with soap and water many times.

Read the Post  ” what to do just after needle prick or needle stick?”


Psychiatry Department

This department is good, having good coperative staff, you enjoy there a lot, concentrate on cases there, good cases.

Doctors you will like in that department the most are

Dr Shiv, Dr Meena ( will give you knowledge), Dr Shekhar Yadav, Dr Amit ( will guide you a lot), Dr Upendra Yadav.


Surgery Department

S-1, S-4 deparment are cool in Surgery, you will meet some of excellent doctors in S-1 unit like Dr Dev Dutta Poddar, Dr Ritesh Pathak, Dr Sandesh, Dr Sachin, Dr Ajay, all will be very coperative, however you will learn and enjoy a lot with Dr Poddar.

You will also enjoy with Dr Manoj Durgania, Dr Neeraj Saxena, Dr Rana.

Keep your self away from reach of Dr Rohan, he will take your mobile number on very instant he will see you and will load you with heavy, bore work like taking b.p, writing discharge, when you will ask him to go to operation theatre, he will not allow you to do so. Every morning he will call you at 9:00 am to track you and will give you all of his unquality work. Now no need to have his fear, he has passed the examinations completed his M.S.

Trick to protect yourself from him is ” say i do not have mobile number”, if you have given keep it switched off from 8:30 to 9:30 in morning.

Rest of all are very nice, new SR has also joined S1 unit Dr Prasad Bhukabag and Dr Naveen Aggarwal both are cool.

Paediatrics Department

Students say that to work in paediatrics is very hectic, unit P3-4 are little bit nice, compared to P-1 & 2. How ever if you get posted in Swine Flue or Casuality of paeds, its good duty timing are from 8am-2pm or 2pm-8pm.

Anaesthesia  Deparment

You can enjoy a lot, its equivalent to 15 days holidays, no need to come, just come one or two days, it will  work. If you have girlfriend or boyfriend enjoy with him or her  during these days.

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