Lichen Planus over Legs with Treatment

by admin on June 25, 2010

Lichen Planus effects womens more compared to men (3:2) ratio, etiology of Lichen Planus is not known, it is characterised by nine P’s

  • Papulosquamous disorder
  • Pruritic
  • Polyangular with
  • Plain Topped
  • Pigmented
  • Purple coloured
  • Papules and Plaques
  • Pterygium Unguium present in nails
  • Penile annular lesions

They can be a part of Grinspan’s syndrome which includes essential hypertension, diabetes mellitus and lichen planus.


1. Prophysalic nf ointment to apply locally which includes Clobatsol and Salicyclic Acid

2. Antihistaminics like levo cetrizine or hydroxyzine

3. Dapsone or Griesofulvin has shown good response in our clinic

4. Corticosteriods

5. Patient should not scratch when itching occurs.

Lichen Planus also found to show Whinkhim’s Striae and Koebner’s Phenomenon.

some good article on lichen planus read here from

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