Lipoma and Its Excision

by admin on September 16, 2010

Well friends below is the photograph of old man having cervical lipoma, this is a lipoma which has grown upto this size in 40 years, the age of this old man is around 70 years. This is most common type of lipoma, also known as subcutaneous lipoma. Click here to see all types of lipoma at wikipedia

Lipoma are basically benign tumors of fat and fatty tissues, which are painless, movable, soft to firm in consistency, when you try to palpate it your finger slips from margin. Since fat at body temperature is in liquid state so it is also found to show fluctuation test.


Watch out the video below on how to identify lipoma both by gross and histological features are explained by

Watch out the surgical steps below to understand how to excise the lipoma on youtube.

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Matt Scarrock January 27, 2011 at 10:21 pm


I have founded a new lipoma board to substitute the old since it no longer functions in the way it is supposed to. I prefer to find an effective non-invasive method to get rid of lipomas. Surgery leaves unpleasent scarring. Actually there are already some promising treatments.

Now we just have share this knowlidge.
I want every doctor on earth to know there are alternatives to surgery when it comes to the lipomas.

It’s time to find out the best treatment for these little lumps and I’m sure we can do it together!


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