Lips Ulcer Home Remedy

by admin on June 25, 2011

Do you have ulcers over lips or even in mouth, no need to worry now, since we are providing the home remedy for them, but to treat them effectively you should know the cause of the ulcers in mouth or lips. They are common in middle aged women.

Causes of lip ulcer

1. If you are a chronic smoker and decided to quit smoking, with in a week of quiting smoking ulcers will develop in your mouth. Here you need to be given oral suppliment of nicotine.

2. Ulcers in mouth can also develop due to defeciency of some vitamins like vitamin c & b.

3. You got a traumatic injury in your teeth, teeth is broken with sharp edges, this teeth will abrade the skin of lip and will lead to ulcer, you can see  the video of this kind of ulcer over lip below on youtube.

4. They can be due to infections of bacteria, virus, fungal infection etc.
5.  Ulcers in mouth can also form due to chemical injuries, immunity problems.

6. Those persons who are in habit of chewing supari, tobacco etc are in great risk of developing ulcers which can later on transform into mouth cancer.

Treatment of mouth ulcer is taking vitamins in diet, taking care of oral hygiene by using mouth washes, applying local anesthetic agents over mouth before eating meals so as to get rid of burning sensation due to spices in food. You can apply dentogel etc at least 4-5 times a day, they usually heal with in 1-2 days but if they are still present in your mouth for about 1 week you must visit a surgeon or dentist near you because it can be an alarm of mouth cancer.

Home remedy is: it is found that applying garlic over ulcer has been found to quicken the healing process.

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