Management of Acute Retention of Urine

by admin on June 8, 2010

Retention of Urine is also known as Ischuria in which patient is not able to pass urine (inability to urinate) is a medical emergency, as urine keeps on collecting in bladder increase the pressure inside bladder and condition becomes very painful, if not relieved rupture of bladder may occur or urine may back flow to ureter leading to hydroneprosis or pyonephrosis of kidney.

Management of Acute Retention of Urine is explained below in few steps:

1. Since patient is unable to pass urine, patient suffer from anxiety so reassurance is given to patient.

2. If you are not a doctor and patient is not suffering from any neurological disease (neurogenic bladder) you can put a hot water bag on hypogastrium of patient or simple can give hot water bath, some time patient passes urine if there is no surgical cause.

3. Injection Carbachol is given with dose 0.25 to 0.75 mg by intramuscular route, it  stimulates bladder emptying if the normal emptying mechanism is not working properly.

4. If nothing works till now you can go for catheterization of patient with Foley’s Catheter(12 to 16 Fr gauge Foley catheter), remember it should be done under aspetic condition other wise Urinary Tract Infection will occur. Read How to Catheterize a Male Patient by aseptic technique.

5. If Catheter is not passing, you can relieve the patient by performing aspiration of urine with syringe just above pubic symphysis. Procedure done under aspetic conditions.

6. If suprapubic aspiration of urine is required muliple times (repeatedly) you must go for suprapubic cystostomy. Read how to perform suprapubic cystostomy or vesicostomy?

7. Now its time to look for the cause of retention of urine and go ahead to treat the cause.

Watch out the video of management of acute retention of urine on youtube below

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