Management Of Eye Injury

by admin on March 24, 2012

Eye injury can be physical or chemical here I have shown a physical injury where you can see lacerated wound and a corneal ulcer in 2nd case. You can also see bluish discoloration of upper eyelid. Eye injury or trauma can be of penetrating type, non penetrating type, blow out fractures or orbital fractures. Emergencies are Corneal abrasions, deep eyelid lacerations, welders burn which I have explained in another video, orbital fracture etc.

Management includes

1. Irrigation of eyes by normal saline

2. Patching of both eyes because if one eye is patched, person will move that eye which will automatically move another eye so both eyes to be patched.

3. Suturing.

You can watch out 2 interesting cases of eye injury

1. This patient was hit by brick and you can see a clear lacerated wound with collection of blood in upper eyelid, abrasion of upper eyelid.

2. This patient is flicked by sand patient rubbed the eye and corneal ulcer was formed, in such cases, fungal infection is the main culprit along with abrasion of cornea with sand particles.


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