Most Common Sports Injuries And Their Home Treatment

by admin on August 4, 2010

sports injuries fracture of tibia and fibulaMany times you must have heard through media that Master Blaster Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is not fit now a days, due to some injury. Have you ever thought how this fitness test is carried out? Fitness test include following seven points, if any sportperson satisfy these norms he is said to fit and can resume his sport activities, the criteria is
1. He should be able to jump from a height of one meter.
2. Full range of motions should be present at all joints, like elbow joint, shoulder joint, knee joint, etc and there should be no pain.
3. Person should be able to run without limping.
4. He should be able to extend the knee with 20 lb X 10 in 45 seconds.
5. He should be able to lift 45 lb X 10 in 45 seconds.
6. He should be able to do full press up.
7. He should be able to sit in squatting postion.

Common sites for sport injuries are shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle and foot. Incidence of sports injuries among all orthopaedics injuries accounts to be around 10%.

Recently in comming months India is going to organise Common Wealth Games 2010 in New Delhi, so you will come to know some injuries, since more and more people are choosing sports as their career so sports injuries are rising, so is the sports medicine field.

We are going to talk about some common sports and injuries seen in them.

1. You must be knowing Sachin Tendulkar suffering from Tennis Elbow
2. Mallet injury it takes place when a fielder tries to catch ball, and ball hits the tip of finger(causes forced flexion) which leads to rupture of terminal slip so active extension fails at DIP. Treatment includes immbolization of both DIP and PIP in full extension with dorsal splint for 2 weeks then splint only DIP in slight hyperextension for another 4-8 weeks. In high incidence of mallet fingers avulsion fracture is reported.

3. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome it can also occurs due to repetative movement at wrist joint, seen during batting or bowling.
4. Other hand injuries are Baseball Finger, Jersey Thumb.
5. Cricket ball may hit face or eye in those players not wearing helmets and cause severe injuries.
6. Ankle Sprain can occur while running between wickets.
7. Even there is possibility of March (fracture of 2nd & 3rd metatarsal bones) and Jones fracture (fracture of 5th metatarsal bone).
8. Rotator cuff injuries, shoulder dislocation can happen in bowlers.

1. Most common is knee ligament injuries like Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury or Posterior Cruciate Ligament injury.
2. Meniscal tears.
3. Fracture of patella.
4. Strain in calf musclces, trunk muscles and sprain in hamstring muscles.

1. same as football, there are some chances of fractures of tibia,when hit by hockey stick.

1. Jumpers Knee is common in them, which takes place due to patellar tendinitis, it is also common in basket ball players. Blood flow to tendons is less so causing difficult self healing.

1. Clavicle fracture can occur due to fall from cycle.
2. Chondromalacia is very common among cyclists.
3. Back Ache
4. Colle’s Fracture

1. Tennis Elbow

1. Golfer’s Elbow

1. Wrist Extensors Tenosynovitis.

1. Whiplash injury
2. Dashboard injury or posterior dislocation of hip joint ( this is emergency).
3. Anything can fracture in case of accident, like rib fracture, head injuries, spine injury etc.

Any thing can break up no comments

1. bicipital tendinitis

General Principles of Treatment of Sports Injuries.

1. Give complete rest to the injured limb.
2. Give the ice therapy.
3. Do compression bandaging.
4. Elevate the injured limb.
5. Prescribe painkillers.
6. Heat, straps and supports should be given.

Watch out the video below on common sports injuries and their basic principles in treatment by Dr Jayant Bajpai.

Dr Jayant Bajpai is the renowned orthopaedic surgen of India, he is has done his MBBS from KGMC (lucknow), B. Sc from University of Jhonston (USA), F.A.C.S.
He has been awarded Chitiksha Sikh. Ratna Award from Government of Uttar Pradesh, National Humanitarian Award of I.M.A.
He has been presidential appointee to executive board of NIOH and National Handicapped Board.
He has around five international and fourty seven national publications till today.
This great surgeon was born on 18 november 1944 and presently working at Era’s Lucknow Medical College and Hospital.

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