Oral Submucous Fibrosis Treatment

by admin on May 9, 2010

Oral Submucous fibrosis is the commonly seen in India mostly in Muslim women who are in habit of eating Areca Nut (chhali).

Submucous fibrosis is characterised by inflammation, sometimes blisters form and ultimately fibrosis takes place, slowly and slowly fibrosis becomes more rigid and person is not able to open his mouth, when tries to open “trismus” occurs.

You can clearly see the blanching of the tissue in the photograph shown below.

Patient will come to you with complains of inability to open mouth, burning sensation in the mouth, intolerance to eating hot and spicy foods, sometimes mild hearing loss due to blockage of eustachian tube.

Oral submucous fibrosis is a precancerous condition leading to oral cancers.

Treatment: submucous is treated both by medical and surgical means

1. injection of dexamethasone mixed with hylase is given in oral cavity where fibrosis is seen so as to exclude side effects of oral steroids and is found to be more effective.

2. Vitamin supplements are given, and causative material like pan, supari, etc is advised to be avoided.

3. Jaw opening exercises are advised.

4. Spicy foods and consumption of chillies is avoided.

If not treated with medical means surgery is done, includes surgical removal of fibrotic bands, not very much successful as condition reoccurs.

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Watch out the excellent video showing submucous fibrosis and its treatment on youtube below.

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