Personality Change After Head Injury A case at RML

by admin on December 8, 2009

Recently i was posted in psychaitric department of  Dr Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, New Delhi. First Watch out the video of 12 year child whose personality was totally changed after a head injury, see below photograph of child.

Now you see the video below how this child used to rub his face and come in opisthotonous condition.

Now read about the history this interesting case:

Patient name is Gaurav a 12 year old male, studied upto 3rd grade, discontinued his studies 2 years back, he is having rural background, lives with nuclear family.

This patient gives history of head injury after fall from first floor at home in March 2007 followed by surgery for sub dural haemorrage, after that following behavior changes were noticed

1. Increased aggressiveness towards others since feb 2008

2. Increase in irritability since feb 2008

3. Temper Tantrums

4. Self harming behaviour.

Patient was operated at St. Stephen’s Hospital for subdural haemorrage which was also accompanied with cerebral oedema for which patient was discharged after one month. After few days patient was admitted for Deep Vein Thrombosis with heparinisation.

After that patient was alright until feb 2008 with only slight behaviour problems, at times patient demands certain special things like food etc, when his demands are not met he used to cry. slowly he used to become more irritable, crying spells lasting for few minutes with increase in frequency, at times he also developed focal seizures, patient also decreased his self care, becoming more dependent on family.

Slowly he developed violent behavior like hitting family members and biting them, gradually his behaviour became more aggressive and unmanagable.

He also started self harming behaviour in August 2009 started rubbing his face on bed mostly left half of face as shown in video, during this activity he used to obtain opisthotonous condition, his body become very rigid see video how much force his mother is applying to straighten the child. So this was the case of personality change after head injury.

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