Peyronie’s Disease Treatment

by admin on September 16, 2011

Yesterday while I was going through a UK based website about peyronie’s disease, I liked the video that is being uploaded there about the surgical correction of this embarrassing disease, where a curvature develops in male genital organ.  Peyronie’s disease arises from the deposition of collagen and fibrin which creates a plaque in the tunica albuginea of the male genital organ.

Chief main cause of this disease is improper coitus leading to fracture of shaft of male genital organ, some times a “crack” voice is also heard along with slight pain, after that the injured part heals with fibrosis leading to curvature of organ, sometimes failure of erection.

Treatment is of two types A) non surgical : where injections of triamcilone actetate are given  which are found to give relief in around 50% of patient, in some it retards the progression of hard plaques. Verapamil has also been used as an intralesional injection modality for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease. Pentoxiphylline and Vitamin E has been found to be effective in some patients.

B) another way is surgical correction, which is also done in 2 ways either removing the fibrosed tissue replacing it with graft and another was is cutting the normal tissue opposite to plaques, you need to see the video below to have better understanding.

Some recent studies about these

  1. Tuygun, et al., 2009 Unblinded, non?randomized clinical trial on 41 patients with   5mg verapamil + 8mg dexamethasone, 20 Sessions Iontophoresis 2 months Improvements in curvature and  plaque size.
  2. Bennett, et al., 2007 Unblinded, non?randomized clinical trial done on 94 patients with 10mg/5ml verapamil every 2 weeks for total of six injections Intralesional injection 5.2 +/? 1.2 months Stabilization or improvement of curvature in

majority of patients, improvements in pain and function


For more information of such studies go to page no 23 of this andrologyjournal

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