Post Dural Puncture Headache Management

by admin on September 19, 2011

PDPH is usually seen from few hours to few days after the spinal anaesthesia is given, most of the persons suffering from this disease are young persons or when a large diameter needle is used ,complaining of severe head ache with nausea and some of them vomits also. Their symptoms aggravates on standing position.

Cause of PDPH is leakage of spinal fluid through the hole in dura which was made so as to give spinal anaesthesia, too much fluid leak causes low CSF pressure giving rise to symptoms, the pressure further decreases when patient sits or stands worsening the symptoms.

Main treatment is symptomatic, pain killers like PCM, Asking the patient to take bed rest and lie in supine position, drink plenty of fluids, when person vomits, you can give fluid therapy. In few patients triptins may be required. Another solution to this problem is giving spinal injection of blood so that the leakage hole may be blocked by blood clot. “EPIDURAL BLOOD PATCH” You can watch out video below to understand more

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