Prevention Of Tuberculosis Public Lecture In Hindi By KGMU

by admin on May 28, 2011

on 28 May in King George Medical University, public lecture was taken by Dr Rajendra Prasad regarding prevention of tuberculosis in India. Since implementation of revised national tuberculosis control program around 44 million TB suspects have been examined, 12 million TB patients placed on treatment, 2 million lives are saved in last decade. Dr Prasad reported that in a study conducted, around 192 X-rays (67.6%) out of 284 were having quality problems while 136 X-rays were reported to have wrong diagnosis. So diagnosis of TB can not be made on basis of x-ray, only sputum test is the best way to diagnose TB.

How to suspect TB?

If patient is having low grade fever, weight loss, loss of apetite, malaise, generalized weakness then TB can be suspected.

If lungs are involved, local symptoms includes cough with expectoration for more than 2 weeks earlier this figure was 3 weeks, hemoptysis, breathlessness, chest pain.

You can watch out the important points how you can prevent tuberculosis by watching the video lecture below on youtube.


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