Quick Guide to I.V Fluid Therapy

by admin on September 16, 2010

normal saline with gloves

Today we are going to tell how to give intravenous fluid therapy, how to take accurate decisions, you will have to deal with various situations.

Situation 1: A dehydrated patient is there with normal blood pressure.

Deal with situation: Give normal saline to patient, remember that normal saline is a crystalloid.

Situation 2: A dehydrated patietn came to your clinic with low blood pressure.

Deal with situation: Give ringer lactate or ringer acetate, it is also a crytalloid used for large volume replacements. Moniter the patient for one hour if his blood pressure is not increasing give Dopamine mixed in normal saline which has to be given for 24  hours (1 unit).

Situation 3: A diabetic patient came to you with dehydration.

Deal with situation: Give him normal saline, and never never give him dextrose, however you can give DNS to patient who is not diabetic.

Situation 4: If patient came with hypoglycemia, i.e giving history of syncope, or is unconcious.

Deal: check out Random blood sugar, give 25 % dextrose 1-2 units in 10 minutes.

Situation 5: If you see that patient is having high blood pressure, and came with syncope.

Deal with situation: Give dextrose, never give ringer lactate or normal saline, because all of these will increase his blood pressure.

See the chart of fluid requirements by weight of person by merck.com


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I didnot want to read alot of litrature and I got my answer real quick here


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