Radiation Leak In Japan How to Minimize Radiation Exposure?

by admin on March 16, 2011

In reactor accidents as happened in Japan, main radioactive substance is Iodine, so exposed patients are being provided with Potassium Iodide, which will at least protect thyroid gland from exposure, but not every part of body. Just follow few steps to get 90% protection.

1. If you are exposed, your first step is to remove your clothes, and wrap the nylon sheets.

2. After that shower your body with water and wash your hairs.

3. Do not eat any contaminated fruits or vegetables, which will expose your internal body to radioactive substance.

4. Radioactive substances when inhaled through gases, causes serious damage to your lungs.

5. If you have wounds, you will be more exposed, as skin provides a good barrier.

Earlier signs of exposure of radiations are just similar to burn and later on desquamation of skin, blister formation, ulcer formation, necrosis and hair loss occurs.

Remember any damage due to exposure is directly proportional to duration of exposure and inversely proportional to square of distance from radioactive source.

In radiation accidents most common particle which is released is B, even normal clothings and plastic sheets can stop them. But condition becomes worse when gamma rays, neutrons and x rays are released, these can penetrate your whole of body so causes more damage. Iodine can reach your GIT and Lungs.

Acute Radiation Sickness

Acute radiation sickness is divided into 4 phases

1. Prodrome 2. Latent Phase 3. Illness 4. Recovery or Death

Prodrome phase includes nausea, vomiting, loose motions and loss of apetite in this stage we go for complete blood picture test including TLC, DLC

In latent phase there are nearly no symptoms.

Illness depends upon the amount and type of radiation, if dose of radiation is >2Gy, then patient will have Haemetopoitic Syndrome, GIT Syndrome, Cardiovascular & Neurovascular Syndromes. While for this stage we go for complete blood picture including TLC, DLC, Platelets counts, blood typing HLA type, analysis of chromosomes and biological dosimetry so as to check the radiation in tissue.

Protection: Wear gloves, gowns, masks, caps, water proof shoes, follow 5 steps told in beginning of this article, decontaminate wounds.

Detection of Radiation: usually we used to detect the radiation with Geigner counter, Pencil Dosimeters, and Film Badges.

If you do not want to read all of the above points, just listen to my video below

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