Retinoblastoma With Optic Nerve Involvement

by admin on May 30, 2011

Retinoblastoma is rapidly developing tumors of retina, usually found in children, it is of two types heritable form or non heritable form, around 1/3 rd of cases it is found to be bilateral. It takes place due to mutation RB1 gene on chromosome number 13.

Screening for retinoblastoma is done by red reflex, Hirchberg test.

CT Scan has been found to play a vital role in diagnosing it and managing the case of retinoblastoma, the tumor that we have studied showed evidence of calcification, presence of calcification on CT scan is virtual diagnostic of retinoblastoma. This retinoblastoma has showed the calcification in left eye with Optic Nerve Involvement with viterous seeding. This tumor has not invaded brain. You can see the slide show of the CT Scan of the retinoblastoma below on YouTube.

This case has been provided by Dr Rajendra Kumar Bundela, M.S Ophthalmologist, from Lucknow.

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