Save child from Failure to Thrive

by admin on April 1, 2009

failure-to-thriveFailure to Thrive means a child whose rate of weight gain is sluggish, there may or may not be any effect on height, the weight is less than 3rd percentile.

There are 2 factors leading to failure to thrive,

1. Extrinsic factors like, social and environmental factors, and inadequate intake of nutrition.

2. Intrinsic factors like, metabolic causes, excessive vomiting, malabsorption syndromes, chronic diseases.

Clinical features: child may show wide gaze expression or may be expressionless, may not respond to social stimuli, may not show cuddling, sucks thumb, vocalisation is delayed.

Management: Proper history should be taken, hospitalize the patient for 10-15 days, child with organic causes start showing improvements with in 4-5 days but other children takes long time and must be investigated for blood, electrolytes, etc

High calorie feeds should be given and child should be fed in semiupright position.

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