Shiv Dharshan

Shiv Mandir (temple) at Rampur district (U.P) has proved to be a turning point of my as well many of life who used to visit this temple get their wishes fulfilled. All this happens due to the worshipper (Pandit Ji) of this temple, his name is Pandit Vinod Pathak, he has got some siddhi from Lord Shiv which works in temple area.

Many people come to visit him with some of their problems and get their solutions by visiting this bhakt of Lord Shiv. His timings are from 12 to 2 pm when he gives solutions to the masses. Do not dare to think, what will be his charge, no he never charges any one, its all free. Many of times he will ask you to attend the “aarti” which is usually held between 4pm to 7pm, time many vary with 1 hour in winters. When you will attend this aarti a kind of happiness is felt, a positive energy will energize you, you will be in state of joy which you can feel but will not be able to express in words.

In this temple “havans” are also performed for the welfare of public, and the devotion by which pandit ji worships lord Shiv, its amazing, very devoted. Along with pandit ji his brother also participates in worshiping lord shiv, he reads Ramayan and other devotional songs while playing a drum.

Watch out the small video clip of aarti where pandit ji is worshipping lord shiv on youtube.

Location: This temple lies in Shiv Vihar Colony, Jawala Nagar, Rampur, it is at walking distance from Rampur railway station, just walk towards kitply industries from end of platform no 3 of Rampur railway station.

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